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BOLDFest 2017 Workshops & Presenters

Here's your chance to learn something new, engage in lively, possibly controversial discussions, laugh a lot, perhaps shed a tear or two. It's all part of being a BOLDFestee! It's a lesbian thing! 

Note: please check this page from time to to time. More workshops are in the works!

Note: Workshops are included in BOLDFest registration fee. There will be a limited # of opportunities for fully registered BOLDFest participants to create their own discussion group. A sign up sheet will be available at the Thursday evening Welcoming Reception. 

with Heather Bishop

 Heather Bishop came out publicly in 1972. It was a lonely time because while the majority of her community was forced to hide to protect themselves, their family, and their jobs, Heather was standing tall and catching strong, hate-filled winds.

We all have a story.   But by keeping them to ourselves, we foster difference – and difference often feeds fear – and then fear leads to a wall of judgment that manifest in all kinds of ways – racism – homophobia – sexism – all forms of oppression that disempower us.  Fear is the foundation of bullying.

 When you tell your story, you not only teach others about your journey, but you give voice to our sameness – and the fears around our difference begin to disappear.  It opens up the space for others around you to change and thus do we change the world.

with Jasreet Baydal

Lots of U.S. folks have been asking if it is possible to immigrate to Canada.  Jas Baydal, a queer lawyer from the Law Office of barbara findlay QC, will outline the ways it is possible (and not) to move to Canada.

with Val Wilkins

Val is back to teach you her version of how to flirt.  This workshops is for everyone - singles or couples, all ages.    Come prepared to practice! For those who have attended this workshop there will be additional instruction on how to flirt online.

Val has attended every BOLD Conference and has been dubbed the 'Flirting Coach' by some. "It takes guts to say you'll teach people to flirt when there are so many good flirts attending the conference. However, I'm up for the challenge and encourage those of you who are shy and tend to hold back to attend my workshop!"  

Getting your writing out there

with Claire Robson

 Worn out patriarchal notions about who can write, who can publish, and whose stories matter prevent many great women’s stories from being told. In an age where women’s presses and bookstores are under threat, it’s still possible for anyone to get their work in print, and this workshop will show you how. Claire will offer strategies and ideas for publishing your stories, poetry, memoir, photography, artwork, and essays. The workshop will cover both print and online options, and professional and self publication. She’ll offer practical tips and guidelines as well as more personal advice about how to stop shooting yourself in the foot! 

Polyamory, Non-Monogamy and other alternative romantic 
and sexual arrangements​
with Bozena Zdaniuk & Jody Jewdyke

What do these mean? What are the values that drive these choices? What are the benefits of living and loving this way? What are some common challenges and how can we best navigate them? Come join us for a fun and interactive workshop to discuss all this and more.

Bozena Zdaniuk is a social psychologist currently working as a female sexuality researcher and academic teacher at UBC. She has taught Human Sexuality and Gender classes for almost 20 years and has recently published a chapter on same sex relationships in middle and late adulthood. She is a life-long practitioner of non-monogamous relationships and encourages the values of transparency, honesty, love and self-growth. She sees non-monogamy as integral part of creating and sustaining chosen families and communities.  

 Jody Jewdyke: I am a social worker with over 20 years experience facilitating groups, leading workshops and skillfully guiding complex discussions. I've been practising non-monogamy/polyamory ever since I came out, loudly and proudly as a dyke, 25 years ago. I have an ongoing commitment to the values of love, kindness, community, respect for differences, open and clear communication, honesty, and lifelong learning and self-growth. I think the joys of polyamory are summed up nicely in a comment a lover once made: "If I find you lovable, others will too!". I see polyamory and non-monogamy as gifts of possibility that come with the freedom we have as lesbians to create our own families and communities, and ways of living and loving that work for us.

Bozena Zadaniuk                                                              Jody  JewDyke


A Look at Where we've been and where we're headed!

(a BOLDFest tradition)


 Back by again and again by popular demand!

ZUMBA® Gold (for the active older adult and beginners) Instructor:  Denise Galay

ZUMBA® Gold is a dance-fitness class that uses the zesty Latin music, like Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Cumbia, Rock & Roll (including Twist and Charleston), Flamenco and Tango with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic and fun fitness class. ZUMBA® Gold classes strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart. It is a "feel-happy" workout that is great for both the body and the mind. 

WALKING TOURS, Saturday and Sunday.

Women & The Arts: A Stanley Park Historical Tour  (Saturday)

Women East of Denman Historical Tour (Sunday)

with historical interpreter Jolene Castillou Cumming 

This is an "extra activity/extra cost" event. Click here for more information.

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