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BOLDFest 2018 Workshops & Presenters

As always, workshops will have new as well as familiar presenters,with topics bound to create stimulating conversations and a chance to learn, explore ideas, maybe change an opinion or two (or not!), and share personal stories. Oh yes, we laugh a lot, and, perhaps shed a tear or two. It's a lesbian thing! Date and time for each workshop will be on website nearer to event date (Labour Day weekend). 

PS  There's more coming!  Stay tuned on this page.

Note: Workshops (and much more) are included in your BOLDFest registration fee. Women not registered who want to take in a workshop or two, stay tuned for an individual events registration form available online by June. 

HisPreserving Our History at The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony  (ALOT)   

with Elise Chenier 

roader community. Come find out about what it means to put our heritage online, and how you can participate in making history through oral testimony.Historian Elise Chenier has been recording the life tox

Historian Elise Chenier has been recording the life experiences of same-sex attracted women since the early 1990s. For the past decade she beenputting oral testimonies online at so that anyone with a high-speed internet connection can access these rich historical records. In this session, Elise will report on the results of a recent project aimed at bridging the gap between the Archives and the broader community. Come find out about what it means to put our heritage online, and how you can participate in making history through oral testimony.

Elise is a Professor of History at Simon Fraser University. Her research interests concern aspects of sexuality, gender, and race from queer, feminist, and social justice perspectives. She is currently writing a book tentatively titled Outlaws to Inlaws: Same-Sex Marriage in the United States, 1950 to 1987.

Elise is a popular public speaker who has addressed audiences across Canada, the US, Europe and the United Kingdom. She has provided expert commentary for the Canadian and American media on everything from same-sex marriage legislation, “pinkwashing,” the labia selfie, to Justin Trudeau’s 2015 electoral victory. Her passion for thinking critically about sexuality, race, and gender carries through to the classroom. Elise is the 2015 recipient of the Cormack Teaching Award. 

Tending the Fire of Passion and Intimacy in Lesbian Relationships

 with Tamara Adilman

Come and explore how to keep intimate connection alive in your relationship. Drawing from both counselling couples and her own personal relationship experience of over 30 years, Tamara has developed a R.E.I.C.I.P.E. that is practical and effective in keeping sexual passion alive. Much has been written about the prevalence of "lesbian bed death" and the challenges of intimacy in long-term lesbian relationships. Tamara believes lesbians can and are changing the narrative and forging a new way of being together that is passionate and sexy. For women who choose to be in partnerships, come find out how to sustain passionate intimacy and what the ingredients of the R.E.C.I.P.E. are!!

Tamara Adilman MA, RCC has been a counsellor in Vancouver for over 25 years and specializes in couples therapy in her private practice.Tamara has been in a monogamous  relationship with her partner Sarah for 33 years and they have two adult sons. She has devoted her work life to helping couples transform their relationships and deeply believes in the power of relationships to heal and grow past their struggles.

Gotta Pee and other urgent matters:  A COMEDY WORKSHOP                          with Claire Robson

Getting old is not for the fainthearted, but it sure has its funny side, and this is what we’ll explore in this workshop. Standup comedy is all about noticing and naming those things that we notice every day but often don’t talk about. Naming them out loud can be both killer funny and emotionally liberating. In this collaborative workshop, we’ll begin by talking together about the funny side of getting old, then turn our ideas into short standup routines. Each person will get the chance to perform. If you’ve never done standup before, this is your chance to try it out with supportive BOLD compañeras.


Claire Robson is expert in faking it till she makes it. The numerous roles she’s performed include academic presenter, researcher, author, performance poet, emcee, memoirist, percussionist, activist, assistant principal, workshop facilitator, teacher, dog handler, and standup comedian. So far, no one has called her bluff!

Planning for our End of Life Stage in Order to Rock On Now!

Many of us BOLD gals are looking to our end-of-life stage and wanting to be more prepared emotionally, and financially. Facing end-of-life issues now can free us up to live more fully and enjoyably with less anxiety about our future. 

This workshop will tackle issues of older lesbians and dykes, particularly low income. Affordable Housing. Advance Care Plans. Wills. Enduring Power of Attorney. Living with dying in Community. Health Representation Agreements. Medically Assisted Death. Creating happiness and enjoyment all the way along our life line. Through art and role play, using creativity and humour, we will boldly take a peek at the practicalities of our last stages of life, and come out smiling! 

Are You Bold Enough To Look Creatively At Your Death?? 

Jean Quin Burgess is a 69 year old lesbian white elder/senior activist in BC. She is a member of the Spences Bridge Elders Vision Council. Jean was a social activist in the lesbian, feminist and trade union movements of the 1970’s to 2000’s in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and BC. After 20 years in Vancouver she retired to a rural town and has been working with seniors and elders on community development, diversity training and reconciliation/restitution awareness with First Nations and descendants of white settlers in her community. Her current interest is to create low cost quality housing for older lesbians and dykes that also supports end of life stage needs.

Intergenerational Dialogue... The conversation continues!! 

In this workshop we will discuss the joys and challenges of working across generations to educate about, and advocate for, LGBTQ2SIA+ folks.

with Sylvie Traphan and Jen Marchbank and a few millennials and lots of BOLDFestees!

Sylvie and Jen founded Youth for A Change, an LGBTQ2SAI+ youth advocacy and activist group in 2012. Based in Surrey they work all over the Greater Vancouver Area and have worked with QUIRK-E (the Queer Imaging & Riting Collective for Elders for several years on a range of Intergenerational Community Arts projects.

Sylvie is a residential support worker in shelters for women and is presently working on her Masters degree at SFU.

Jen Marchbank is Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Women's studies at Simon Fraser University. 

ZUMBA® Gold (for the active older adult
 and beginners) is waiting for you!
with Denis Galay

ZUMBA® Gold is a dance-fitness class that uses the zesty Latin music, like Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Cumbia, Rock & Roll (including Twist and Charleston), Flamenco and Tango with easy to follow moves to create a dynamic and fun fitness class. ZUMBA® Gold classes strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart. It is a "feel-happy" workout that is great for both the body and the mind. 

LESBIAN KAROAKE!  A spontaneous event last year, we had so much fun we're gonna do it again!  Start practicing!! Bring your play lists!

What is Proportional Representation? And why should you care? 

Presented by Bet Cecill, Carpenter, Activist, Organizer from Sunshine Coast

 This fall, BC is having an important referendum to decide if we want to change our voting system to a proportional one. I have a passion for this campaign because it will affect all our lives and our children for many years to come. So come, learn more about the options, ask questions, let's hear your opinions.

Bet has been an activist since coming out in 1979. and been involved with many lesbian, gay and feminist groups. She was a co-founder of the Vancouver Lesbian Connection that opened and ran Canada’s only Lesbian centre. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast she has been on the Pride Dance Committee for many years, is on the steering committee of Alliance4Democracy and is the chair of Fair Vote Sunshine Coast. She also loves to dance and agrees with Emma Goldman.

Film Screening and Q&A with Lorna Boschman  Filmmaker, Researcher, Community Artist/Activist 

Video maker, editor, camera operator, curator, prizewinning video artist Lorna Boschman has been one of the most visible, influential and prolific presences on the West Coast lesbian feminist arts scene.  Lorna’s work on lesbian eroticism in collaboration with the collective “Kiss and Tell” (True Inversions and Drawing the Line, both 1992) impacted favourably on the continent-wide debates in the early nineties about sexual representation and censorship, in both the feminist and mainstream communities.

In 2016, Lorna was chosen as Vancouver’s Mayor’s Arts Awards honouree in Film & New Media.

The workshop will begin with a short screening of her more recent digital storytelling collaborations, including work with LGBT2Q people diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer, and with Vancouver's Mount Pleasant residents for the Urban Screen project. Let's talk about collaboration and community-based art production.

Bring photos and memories from BOLDFest to the workshop. In our time together, Lorna will work with the group to co-create a short digital story about what the Festival means to you. If possible, bring your photos on a memory stick. Working together, we combine your photos and memories into a short digital story. Let’s make some art together!

Lorna's recent work can be viewed at  Digital Stories Canada

Lesbian Life Stories

Sunday September 2, 2018  2 - 4 pm


Theatre meets oral history at this innovative afternoon performance led by Elise Chenier, founder of the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony On stage left is interviewer and interviewee. On stage right are three professional actors. As Elise undertakes a live interview with BOLD founder Pat Hogan, the actors bring her story to life. If you are interested in real stories about BOLD lives, and if you enjoy theatre, you’ll enjoy Lesbian Life Stories. If you are curious to know more about how it works beforehand, check out a version that aired on CBC Radio.

WALKING TOUR, Saturday September 1, 2018

"The Forgotten Women of Brockton Point" Historical Walking Tour

with historical interpreter Jolene Castillou Cumming

1:40 pm - 4:00 pm

Pre-registration required. See BOLDFest application.  Maximum 20 people.  $20 per person.  Priority given to fully-registered BOLDFest women.      Tour takes place, Rain or Shine!

This is an "extra activity/extra cost" event. Click here for more information on walking tour.

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