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Coverage of past BOLD events/media coverage

"Long-lived Lesbians" columnist for CURVE Magazine, has some good things to say about BOLDFest 2015!  Thanks Gillian and hope to see you at BOLDFest 2016!!

Long-Lived Lesbian Lives Article #1

Long-Lived Lesbian Lives Article #2

Above is a link to an F-Word podcast on
Emma Kivisild's 2012 
workshop on Dyke Memorabilia

From Xtra! September 22, 2011
by Shauna Lewis

Queer visibility, female empowerment, the sharing of ideas and a desire for good old-fashioned fun brought 150 women together at the seventh annual Bold Old(er) Lesbian and Dyke Conference (BOLD) in Vancouver, Sept 8 to 11.

"I just created something that I wanted and hopefully others wanted," says conference organizer Pat Hogan, explaining why she began the increasingly popular BOLD conference, which attracted participants from Australia, the US (including Alaska) and Canada this year.

"I think that as women and as lesbians and as older we are triply disenfranchised," conference co-organizer Claire Robson observes, adding that older lesbians face special challenges, including financial instability.

BOLD organizers Claire Robson (left) and Pat Hogan hope the conference educated, empowered and titillated participants. "Just because someone looks older, don't think they're not an active, thriving, interesting human being," Hogan says. (Shauna Lewis photo)

"Ageism is rampant in society in general, and in the lesbian community we have our own internalized ageism," Hogan, now 72, adds. "We need to speak honestly about it, and it's painful. We define each other by our exterior to a certain extent. It is true with men and women in the gay community and society at large."

The conference enables older women to realize their importance in the queer social spectrum, she says.

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Click here to see a great video of the highlight of BOLDFest 2001 -- The BUTCH/FEMME FASHION SHOW with Leigh Burrows and the Leaping Thesbians.

Grethe Cammermeyer's 2010 interview with online Xtra Vancouver

Grethe Cammermeyer in Vancouver for BOLDFest
GAY RIGHTS / Retired colonel hopes for DADT repeal before November elections in US
by Nathaniel Christopher / Vancouver / Friday, September 10, 2010

It's been 21 years since Col (Ret) Grethe Cammermeyer fatefully disclosed she was a lesbian during a routine security clearance -- a revelation that changed the course of her life and her US military career. She was honourably discharged for her admission at a time when Don't Ask, Don't Tell didn't yet exist.

Cammermeyer fought the discharge in civil court, prevailing when a federal district court judge declared it, and the ban against gays and lesbians serving in the military, unconstitutional.......

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Youtube Video of BOLDFest 2010

Xtra videographer Angelina Cantada checked out BOLDFest, an annual celebration of older lesbians and dykes. She spoke to organizers and participants about what the festival means to them.  Enjoy!  

BOLDFest is not only getting older, it is getting bolder
by Mark Robins - Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Local promoters Pat Hogan and Claire Robson return with the sixth edition of BOLDFest in September, bringing together lesbians and dykes from across North America for a weekend of fun and learning.

Originally inspired by two east coast events, for Hogan it wasn’t simply a matter of copying and hosting them in Vancouver for she knew she wanted them to be so much more to allow older lesbians and dykes to grow, learn and even “kick some ass”.

“It's a weekend when we, as lesbians and dykes, many of us older, can come together in one place, be ourselves, talk dyke talk, share and be informed on all sorts of issues -  whether it be health, legal, relationships, whatever - in a safe atmosphere,” explained Hogan.

As well, says Hogan, BOLDFest provides an opportunity for lesbians to be around other lesbians.

“There are many lesbians who are simply never around other lesbians,” said Hogan.  “For whatever reason - in the closet, live in remote areas, busy lives - so BOLDFest is that one time of the year where they can be part of a lesbian community.  Many return year after year, from all over Canada and the US.”

For those that attend, Hogan says they come to BOLDFest for a variety of reasons:  to meet other women, to have fun, to get support in their process of coming out or ageing.  But it is also about thinking and learning.

“We sometimes put out challenges and ideas that some women have never thought about,” said Hogan. “It gets them thinking. Perhaps they've been stuck in one mindset, perhaps they never knew about something.  Hopefully we can motivate them to live, expand their lives and mind, enjoy who they are, and speak out to those who oppress or ignore us for being older”.

While BOLDFest still caters to what Hogan describes as an “older” lesbian demographic (45+), she does say that more and more young women are coming out for the weekend as well.

“There's so much they can learn from us and we from them.  It's very cool.  Last year we had a woman in her mid-20s who was totally involved in every aspect of BOLDFest.  She loved it and we loved having her input and her energy."

The newest addition to BOLDFest has been the introduction of the BOLD Film Festival, which takes place on September 12th, curated by award winning film editor Nancy Rosenblum.   The impetus to put on a film fest came when one of the BOLDFest participants brought a film she had made on women in the 50s that participated in roller derbies.

“It was an amazing film and story about their lives, often as closeted lesbians and how things have changed since then,” explained Hogan.  “This made us think about having more films which turned into a film fest.“

With a series of seminars, social events, workshops and films, covering everything from fitness to activism over its three days, BOLDFest is not only getting older, it is getting bolder.

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