Sunday September 4, 1:30 - 3:30 pm

BOLDFest is excited to be showing Director Sharon McGowan's new documentary, "Bearded Ladies: the Photography of Rosamond Norbury" as part of our Conference program.

A Q & A will follow the showing with Director Sharon McGowan, Photographer/Film Subject Rosamond Norbury and Producer Peggy Thompson.

This edgy local documentary offers thought-provoking interviews on Norbury’s early life and her dad ‘the original drag queen in [her] life,’ before moving to Norbury’s sexual identity as ‘omnisexual’ and her alter egos ‘Rod Bush,’ the greaser gay boy, and ‘Rose Bush,’ the flourishing queen. McGowan provides a lens into Norbury’s more recent work Bearded Ladies, a process that began with her own gender expression. A groundbreaking artist fully entrenched in the communities she photographs, Norbury’s engagement with her work shifts the phallocentric culture of photography to an unknown place, or in her words: into a ‘surprise that unfolds in front of me.’

Excerpt from interview with Rosamund, a unique, one-of-a-kind woman:

“It was a little bit of torture having Sharon follow me around (for the documentary) because when I put on that beard, I like to just slink around and become part of the wallpaper,” she says. 

See Bearded Ladies Facebook Page at

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