Vancouver's (& beyond!)  only Lesbian DragonBoat Team!!

A highlight  and brand new experience for many women at BOLDFest, SIS has been offering BOLDFestees an Intro to Dragonboating for several years, thanks to the continued support and love of the sport, Tracey Errington.

2016 is the 11th season for Sisters in Sync - an energetic group of lesbians ranging in age from twenty-something to seventy-something!

"We are a recreational team that is committed to strengthening our race times, improving our health, and developing communities both on and off the water. We participate in regattas, win the occasional medal, plan exciting fundraisers, and gather for BBQs. Our upcoming season will take us to regattas in Harrison Hotsprings, Penticton and Victoria

Coaches Tracey and Nadine bring many years of combined paddling experience to the team.  "We look forward to a great 2016 season!"


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